The curriculum for Juniors (ages 8-12) and Seniors (ages 13-15) is quite different to that taught to adults. Juniors focus on the technical aspects of the martial arts, rather than the tactical. For example, body mechanics applied to stances, manoeuvres, kicks and strikes.

We take a structured approach to learning and teach solely through English. Many students find the controlled nature of movement in martial arts to be very beneficial. Physical confidence helps young people to stay calm, focused and promotes good decision making under stress.

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The junior curriculum is broken down into yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown and black belts. At first students learn Fundamental Skills; perhaps a forearm block, a straight kick or a hammer strike.

Next we use choreographed Techniques that bring those elements together. These techniques have colourful names to make them easy to remember and are a bit like acting out a small fight scene in a movie. There are three of these techniques for a yellow or orange belt, six for a purple belt and so forth.

Lastly each junior belt level has a Form to learn. These are set displays that function as databases of movement. They are fun to learn and serve as a way for children to demonstrate their progress and increasing confidence.

When progressing to the adult class at about age sixteen, an assessment is made and a new rank awarded commensurate with that individual’s physical and psychological development.

If you would like to take a course with us, please contact us.

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