About Us


Classes are taught by Hugh McCallum and Ian Pettitt. They have been teaching together and developing their martial arts curriculum for over a decade. Hugh has a background in the South African Police and is currently in business management. Ian graded for his blackbelt in 2007 and also works as an artist.

Club Objectives:

To achieve real world self-defence capabilities via dedicated, intelligent training. To be an open and welcoming club to people of all experience levels.

Mission Statement:

We strive to help each student to be all that they can be. Our purpose is to use the martial arts to develop our students’ self-belief and self-confidence.


Discipline, Respect, Confidence. .

Club Policies:

1. Risk

Martial Arts require varying degrees of physical contact. Qualified and experienced instructors will be at each of the classes and each student is expected to obey their instruction at all times. Students in the Senior and Adult groups must wear groin guards and chest protection (female) at all times.

2. Alcohol/Drugs

Training whilst having taken alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden and students may be asked to leave.

3. Blood           

In the unlikely event there is any blood spillage during training, the instructor must be notified immediately. Appropriate actions will be taken based on the severity of the blood spillage. Any student who has an open wound, which may reasonably result in blood spillage must present him/herself to the instructor before the class commences. The Blackwater Martial Arts instructor may deem the wound to be of such severity that the student cannot train in that class.

4. Health

The general health of the student is of paramount importance. If students feel ill, or have been advised by a medical professional not to train, it is the club policy to respect that and not permit the student to train. Parents or legal guardians may be contacted in such cases to collect students.

5. Discrimination

Blackwater Martial Arts practice respect for all individuals. Discrimination of any sort to any group or individual is not practiced, nor tolerated. Any student who is deemed to be discriminating against anyone/any group may be asked to leave.                                      

6. Children

Blackwater Martial Arts instructors have all been Garda Vetted and adhere to the strictest codes of conduct and acceptable behaviour* when dealing with children. Instructors will not make direct contact with students outside of training and all communications will be made via the parents or legal guardians (e.g. phone calls or emails).

*We have used the Irish Rugby Football Union’s Child Welfare Policy as a guide. A copy of this document is available in the club or on the IRFU website.

Please Note:

Due to the nature of martial arts, it may not be appropriate for certain persons to participate in training. These may include but are not limited to; children under 6 years of age, persons with significant physical disability, pregnant women or anyone with a serious medical condition that prevents physical training. Please consult our instructors if you are in any doubt.

Self Defence – Dublin, Ireland.