Training Gear – Part 2

Shin Pads

Thai boxers notoriously deaden the nerves in their shins by kicking banana trees. The rest of us will benefit from a pair of shin pads. Make sure that you buy martial arts pads and not those meant to protect against football boots as they often use hard armour on the outside. There are types that strap on and some that pull on like socks. The former are far more convenient. Expect to pay €15 – 20.

Shin Pads & Gloves 


Mechanix brand gloves are worn by military worldwide and can be purchased online for less than €10. They offer great dexterity and are enough to protect the skin from scrapes and scratches whilst training.

Mechanix Gloves

In order to get closer in sparring you will need padded gloves. We recommend fingerless MMA type gloves as they provide good protection without feeling clumsy. Expect to pay about €30. I would suggest not buying any more expensive gloves, as after a year or two they start to smell and are almost impossible to wash. Note that there are a lot of fragile seams in  gloves, therefore if something rips; be prepared to sew it up yourself with a needle and thread.

– Ian