Training Gear – Part 3

Trousers and Belt

Any dark coloured trousers or leggings that allow you freedom of movement are perfect. Sometime however, you might like to upgrade to a pair of trousers such as the 5.11 Taclite Pro or Helikon SFU et al. What they offer in terms of design is: rip-stop synthetic material that doesn’t retain moisture, a gusseted crotch that allows you to kick freely and pockets for optional knee-pads. Such gear is often expensive at about €50, so remember that they are not a necessity. Moreover you will need a decent belt to hold them up. A Helikon 4.5cm belt runs about €20.

 Trousers, Belt & Shoes


Occasionally you may like to train barefoot but usually people feel most comfortable in shoes. Any trainers that you feel good in are fine; preferably something light and flat soled.


Investing in a club T-shirt simply means that you don’t have to go hunting for what to wear as you get ready for class. You will find that good clothes get quickly pulled out of shape and ruined by training, so it’s nice to have some kind of dedicated kit. We are always happy to get feedback and ideas for new and better looking T-shirts.


After you have been training for a few years you will need to buy a decent, large sized bag. This should contain:

Trousers, belt, T-shirt, shoes, groin/chest guard, gum shield, shin guards, gloves, training knife, training pistol, clubs, towel, water bottle, small medical kit.

– Ian